Construction Automation and Robotics in Civil Engineering

Applications of automation and robotics are stated as part of the answer to enhance productivity, quality, working conditions, and skilled labor shortages within the construction industry. One potential area of significance is that of infrastructure rehabilitation. Construction phase is one of the essential factors of civil engineering structures. The achievement of a challenge depends on how well the construction phase is executed. Efficient and economical construction is particularly essential due to the increasing complexity of systems being built, the supply of improved materials and construction gadget. Typically in production field, robots are stationary and product actions alongside the assembly line. Automation is simpler to include because every product is equal with respective obligations performed over and over.

There is a need to develop a robotic system for full-scale experimentation for realistic assessment of automation in the construction industry.

Some aspects of robotization and automation to demonstrate the applicability of robotics in construction industry are:

  • Automation and robotics in construction sector and precast concrete industry
  • Automation and robotics in prefabrication of masonry and on site masonry construction
  • Automation and robotics in timber construction
  • Automation and robotics in the production of steel components
  • Automation and Robotics in Surveying Processes
  • Risk and Safety Analysis and Education in Construction
  • Innovation Management in Sustainable Construction
  • Automation in Construction Quality Control
  • Interface Management and Data Exchange in Construction